Boosting Social Media Literacy At Your Museum

Carly Syms

Carly Syms
VIP + Marketing Manager

We recently published an article where we summarized our favorite takeaways from Hannah Hethmon’s blog post “3 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Small Museums.”

We couldn’t stop thinking about a great point she made in her article:

“Making the most of social media means understanding it.”

Inspired by Hannah’s quote, we decided to delve even deeper into the relationship between museums and social media.

Leadership Matters, a blog run by Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin, discusses and breaks down museum leadership in the 21st century. We came across a guest post on their blog by Jennifer Riddell, called “Embracing Social Media Literacy.” The piece breaks down how social media can be integrated meaningfully into all aspects of museum management, from content to interpretation.

What if you’re not a social media manager? Don’t stop reading! Even if your work doesn’t involve social media directly, learning how it can be used to reflect many aspects of your museum’s mission and goals (beyond engaging millennials) is extremely valuable. 

We collected some of our favorite tips from Jennifer’s article, which focuses in particular on the relevance of social media to museum staff who are not necessarily social media or digital project managers.

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