Win A Copy Of Our New Book!

Carly Syms - VIP + Marketing Manager

Hey world!

Have you heard?

We wrote a book!

And it’s now available in hardcover!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re giving away one copy of the hardcover book and two free tickets to a Badass Bitches tour in the city of your choosing.

Here’s how you enter:

Send us the answers the following scavenger hunt questions below by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 31. You can find ALL the answers to the questions on our blog.

Good luck!

  • What is the title of our new book?
  • Who illustrated our book?
  • Who is Museum Hack’s badass CEO?
  • How many stories of badass women are included in the book?
  • What was Gala Dali’s real name?
  • Who was the world’s first supermodel (according to us, at least)?
  • Who was the world’s first witch?

Bonus Point (There’s no right answer): What should we write about next?

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