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Have you ever wanted to get an insider’s look at what really goes on behind the scenes in a department store? Or maybe you think it’d be cool to race through the store, hunting for clues?

It’s not something you can usually do, but at Museum Hack, we love creating cool, custom experiences. That’s why we’re so excited to take our latest Hacky Scavenger Hunt outside the museum. We’re hacking one of the oldest department stores in New York City – Bloomingdale’s! – and you’re invited to hack it with us.

Michael and Lia partake in the mannequin challenge.
Pose with Bloomingdale’s mannequins for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Come experience shopping in a whole new way. You’ll get tons of insider knowledge on this iconic store and you might even win a prize. Race through the different departments, discover the history of Bloomingdale’s, have fun, and get a little competitive!

To put together the hack, we’ve dived into Bloomingdale’s incredible history and developed dozens of clues and challenges that will have guests racing through the store. You will compete to see who takes the best picture with a mannequin and who can put together the most impressive outfits. It’s fun!

A team gets ready to take on Bloomingdale's.

We’re super excited about offering this awesome custom experience outside the museum. Our Hacky Scavenger Hunt at Bloomingdale’s is just one of several cool new events we’re rolling out into the spring so stay tuned for what’s next.

Ready to join us? It’s easy! Just reserve your space here.


This event has ended. Thanks to those who participated!

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