Join us for Big Gay Met Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in NYC!

Stories November 18, 2019 Join us for Big Gay Met Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in NYC!

Camp culture, scandalous stories, hot naked dudes, and badass lesbians.

If I just piqued your interest, you’re gonna love our “Big Gay Met” bachelor and bachelorette party tours.

Guests on a Big Gay Met tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Full of the best stories in LGBTQ art history (and amped up with a little wine!), these tours are a fun and fabulous elevated alternative to the traditional prenuptial strip club jaunt.

We already talk about a lot of really sexy stuff in the majority of our museum tours, so why not talk about gay stuff? Our Big Gay Bachelor (and Bachelorette!) parties dive into LGBTQ history in the Metropolitan Museum of Art — gay men, lesbian women, genderf*ck, drag queens, bisexuals, and more.

When tour guides Ethan Angelica and Lily Manshel set out to research the content used in our Big Gay Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, they knew they wanted to find the stories that were the best fit for them in an effort to bring a little more of who they are outside the museum into the museum.

There are other tours that cover queer history of the Met, and their content can be a little cerebral. There aren’t a lot of people digging into who was sleeping with who. We cover factual, solid content in our tours, too — but that content is infused with sexy, scandalous stories and camp culture. It’s a museum tour for the RuPaul’s Drag Race demographic.

Ethan and Lily wanted to be sure these tours weren’t just for gay men, but that they included a little of everything. They split the research and raced around the museum, building the tour from the ground up by showing each other their findings and practicing their pieces until they felt they were ready for their first trial run — which was a success!

The content on our existing tours was already subversive and fun, but by talking about a side of history that’s not always discussed, or by sharing things that are already inherently sexy or scandalous based on what you’d expect to see in the museum, we found that that’s when people fall in love with it.

On these tours, we take moments to be reverently irreverent with our icons. We flip off Gertrude Stein, find the only painting of a lesbian artist by a lesbian artist in the entire museum, discover legitimate examples of gay porn in the Met, find a hidden drag queen, give a little nod to how STDs shaped history, and talk about why horse butts and lesbians are integral in art history. Most people walk out of these tours with a resounding, “YAS QUEEN!”

If the phrase “Big Gay” fits for you, you should come out and play with us. There’s no straight-bashing, no biphobia, and no transphobia — we’re inclusive and loving to all. If you think it’d be fabulous to get your friends together before you tie the knot and get fierce with sexy, sassy stories in the Met about queers throughout history, then this tour is definitely for you.

We’re gonna tell you the good stuff and you’re gonna learn a little along the way, but with our Big Gay Bachelor and Bachelorette tours, it’s a f*cking party.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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