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A few days ago, Betterment Investing came on a team building tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with us. They send us this testimonial about how it went:
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“Our team building event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was great! Everyone really enjoyed the tour, and many people told me that it exceeded their expectations. Thank you guys so much!”
-Tricia Wu, Growth and Acquisition at Betterment Investing

We used a mixture of games, activities and story telling at the event. Guiding the team through the museum, we reshaped how they viewed the space by showing them the most intriguing, sexy and outrageous pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection. 

On tour, the Betterment Team:

  • Met the Met’s 4000 year old unofficial mascot, William.
  • Heard great stories in the European Gallery.
  • Played an epic game of Buy/Steal/Burn in the Modern and Contemporary galleries.
  • Heard the salacious story of Joanna Hiffernan and Gustave Courbet.
  • Took some great photos in the American Wing.
  • and much more.. 
Betterment tour group
Ethan leads engaging museum tours for Betterment.

We are experts at creating experiences that empower your team to learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively. It is not only a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but rather totally unique and fun experience for your team.

“Betterment rocked! We gave them an über-VIP tour to impress some of their favorite people, and pulled out all of our best stuff. My favorite part? Hearing a bunch of cool money writers throw down for the object in the Museum most in need of their financial advice. They had a blast, and so did we!”
-Ethan Angelica, VIP Tour Guide at Museum Hack

Would you like to read more information or testimonials from our corporate museum adventures? If you would like to start planning your own event, just send us an email.

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