5 Best Holiday Activities in Los Angeles

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Stories December 14, 2019 5 Best Holiday Activities in Los Angeles

Looking for an exciting way to celebrate the holidays in the City of Angels this year? If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve scoured the Internet for the five best holiday activities in Los Angeles for December 2018. So press that Santa suit, harvest some Mistletoe, and get ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

#1: Check Out Holiday Lights at the Getty Center

Throughout the winter, spend your Saturday evenings at the Getty Center, which is open until 9pm. Enjoy strolling the Central Garden at magic hour, photograph sunset, and Instagram the lights in the trees.

While you’re there, pop into the galleries to see The Art of Alchemy show or The Alchemy of Color in Medieval Manuscripts, both on display for just a few more weeks.

Need a guide to visit the Getty? We just so happen to offer the best tours in business (yes, we’re biased). Learn more here.

#2: Suit Up For SantaCon

Nothing says Christmas cheer like donning a fleecy red jumpsuit and getting drunk with thousands of your closest friends.

We have to say, we were a little skeptical when SantaCons first came on the scene, but they seem like they’re here to stay. The premise is simple: dress up like Santa and drink.

SantaCon Los Angeles takes place on Saturday, December 8, starting at 11 am. Leave the kids at home – this party is better suited for the 21+ crowd.

#3: Check Out the Massive Lanterns at Moonlight Festival

Massive lanterns, shimmering flowers, mystical dragons… what more do you need to celebrate the holidays?

Arcadia botanical garden is hosting the first-ever nighttime event now through the end of the year. The Arboretum at the garden is covered with parade-floats, playful creatures, and other beautiful works from China’ Sichan province.

Get your tickets ahead of time – the event sells out fast!

#4: Buy Gifts at a Local Holiday Market

Forgot to renew your Prime subscription for the holidays? Or simply fed up with buying from big commerce?

Lucky for you, Los Angeles has tons of options for craft fairs where goods are made from local artisans. You can buy everything from jewelry to paintings to custom skateboards – it just depends where you look!

Check out TimeOut’s article for a comprehensive list of options.

#5: Dust Off Your Wand & Head to the Wizarding World

It might be pushing 90 degrees in Los Angeles, but magic is real at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Head over to the theme park to step into a lifesize recreation of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

Sip a Butterbeer, wander through magical shops, and bask in the glow of knowing that you can still make your teen-aged dreams come true.

What do you think? Did we capture the best holiday activities in Los Angeles or miss the mark? Let us know in the comments!

written with 💖 by Taylor Gmahling

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