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Museum Hack is all about making sure our audience has an amazing, unparalleled experience when they come on tour with us. When we were asked to hack The Discovery of King Tut Exhibition in New York City, we realized we had an incredible opportunity to bring mummies to life.  

We developed unique, fun tours of the exhibition. To make the experience even more memorable, we told the craziest stories we could find about the ancient Egyptian gods. We brought in a fortune teller and revealed incredible conspiracy theories surrounding King Tut’s death. We even dug up a fascinating but scandalous story about a mummified piece of his body. But the highlight of the tour was a rap we wrote and performed for each group:


You wanna be as cool as King Tut?

Check it.

Yo, yo

West of the Nile River, born and raised

in a chariot is where I spent most of my days.

Chilling out, maxing, passing some rules

I am the pharaoh, you best bow down, you fools.


In the Kingdom of Egypt, I rule over the land,

The people all know my flow; they obey my command.

But one day in battle, I get hit, can’t duck it.

Uh oh, looks like Pharaoh’s kicking the bucket.


This battle wound’s giving me cause for some strife

So I best be on my way to the afterlife.

The people know their king won’t go out like a dummy

So they’re gonna do the right thing and make me a mummy.


He’s a god king

Make him a mummy

He’s a god king

Make him a mummy

He’s a god king.

Make him a mummy

Yo, they gonna do the right thing and make me a mummy.


First they cut me open and take some stuff out

My lungs, liver, guts, and my stomach – no doubt.

But leave my heart alone, that’s the seed of my soul.

I keep it deep so I can reach my ultimate goal.


Next they do something that might sound insane

But these guys are smart, they gonna take care of my brain.

They stick a spoon up my nostril, round and round it goes,

And like a little teapot, they pour my brain out my nose.




Next they pack my body in some natron salt and

Then hang me out to dry for three weeks by default.

My priests and my people take a break for some lunch, see,

And when they get done, I’m gonna be nice and crunchy.


They preservin’ my body, they don’t want it to spoil

So they gonna rub me down with some resin oil.

Next comes the best part, you guessed it perhaps,

Out come the bandages to keep me under wraps.


They burn incense so it’ll smell like a rose and

Then they wrap up my body from my head to my toes.

My coffin’s done up with mad gold and hieroglyphics.

When people read my story, they’ll say this guy was terrific.


I have a great funeral, everyone sheds some tears.

Then they lock up my tomb for like 3000 years.

Next time you see me, best behave yourself, dummy,

Or I’ll smack you with the curse, that’s the power of the mummy.

We love hacking museums and companies and finding fun, creative ways to tell stories. Want to know more about what we can do for your organization? We’d love to send a hacker to discover the unique history of your museum or company. To learn more about Museum consulting, click here. To get more information about our work with companies, click here.

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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