The Best Company Team Building Los Angeles Has To Offer

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Company relationships feeling a little… strained? You know it’s time to break out of the office and do some good old fashioned team building! So now you’re looking for the best company team building Los Angeles has to offer.

Luckily for you and your team’s morale, there are hundreds of team building activities in Los Angeles. In this article, we take a look at five of the best options across the City of Angels – the best company team building Los Angeles has to offer. 

Here’s the best company team building Los Angeles companies have to offer.

#5: Channel Your Inner Vince Vaughn at the Eagle Rock Yacht Club

Nothing says building camaraderie like hurling balls at your office nemesis’ face.

The Eagle Rock Yacht Club has dodgeball leagues across Los Angeles, with only one golden rule: “Don’t be a dick.”

Come together, drink some beers, and compete for eternal glory. The memories (and the inevitable broken noses) will last a lifetime.

#4: Eat All The Things

Who doesn’t love to eat delicious food from all corners of the city?

On a Six Taste food tour, you’ll sample everything from Thai to Italian on a multi-hour, multi-restaurant eating adventure. Many of the restaurants are family owned and operated and have been part of Los Angeles’ culinary map for decades.

With over 600 five star reviews, you really can’t go wrong with company team building in Los Angeles on a Six Taste tour!

#3: Run Into Each Other Really Fast

Why play soccer with a traditional soccer ball when you and the rest of the accounting department can be the ball?

In airball, you don giant plastic ball suits (you’ve seen ‘em before) and run into each other at high speeds. You can also do an archery challenge, a nerf gun fight, and much more.

Sporting a five star rating, Airballing LA practically guarantees a good time with a side of company team building in Los Angeles.

#2: Escape Reality

Workplace reality getting you and your team down?

Leave it behind!

At Virtual Room Los Angeles you and your team can escape the real world and enter a virtual one, complete with challenges and camaraderie-building. The simulation is more like an escape room than a combat, so you’ll have to put your communication skills to work to accomplish it.

#1:  Hack the Getty

We might be biased, but we think that the best kind of company team building is company team building that happens at a museum!

Museum Hack does company team building at the Getty museum. It’s a little quirky (e.g., we talk about the Mona Lisa of Chinese Horse Pictures) and always sassy (there are a lot of affairs in history…).

Our tours are optimized to turn co-workers into team-workers, and include fun activities, group photos and ice breakers. Plus, we customize the route for your team building event to match your company values and industry. It’s definitely among the best company team building Los Angeles has to offer.

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