Ben & Leslie’s Romantic VIP Proposal Tour at the Met

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Private Tours November 19, 2019 Ben & Leslie’s Romantic VIP Proposal Tour at the Met

Ben & Leslie at the Met kissing

A few weeks ago, the Museum Hack team helped create a very special marriage proposal at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We talked extensively with the groom to make sure the event was a mind blowing surprise. 

“A few years ago, my girlfriend Leslie and I had our 3rd date (also one of our very best dates) with Museum Hack. When I was planning on proposing to her, I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than at the Met.  Even though we live pretty close by, we’ve only made it back to the museum a couple times since that date. We’re long overdue for a visit, and I was hoping under the ruse of a round-2 Museum Hack VIP tour, it would make it an extra special night!”
-Ben Ellis, Groom to be

Scavenger Hunt for two!
Ben & Leslie on their scavenger hunt.

Kate, their tour guide, had this to say about the VIP tour. 

“They were adorable! Ben and I were emailing and calling to plan the perfect tour and proposal – we even had a plan to make it seem like an accident that they were the only two people on the tour! He sent me lists of her favorite things so I could work them into the tour, as well as things that were special or significant to them as a couple. It was so cute, he was very nervous, but the whole thing went super smoothly!”
– Kate Downey, Tour Guide at Museum Hack 

Listening to Kate tell stories
Ben & Leslie listening to Kate tell stories.

Here are a few of the things from ridiculously romantic list Ben sent us about his future finacé:

Things Ben Loves About Her: 

  • A bit of a goofball
  • Dancing on any occasion
  • Good soul that loves helping people that need it most

Things She Loves:

  • Coffee, chicken, pie, and dots (the candy)
  • Soccer and the Olympics
  • Autumn
  • Outdoors (hiking / running)

This list helped us create the perfect romantic tour for the two of them that was catered to their interests. 

Here are some photos from their tour: 

Ben & Kate listening to Kate tell stories

Ben & Leslie listening to Kate in front of the Temple of Dendur

So, how do we plan these super special tours?  Nick Gray took some time talking to our Jill-of-all-trades, Nadia Alcide, about private museum tours, company team building events, and her favorite thing ever – wedding proposal tours!  Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.

Ben proposing to Leslie

Their special moment happened just after 9pm in the Great Hall. Ben pretended like he was posing for a picture, then he dropped to one knee and popped the big question! 

Leslie said yes!

She said “YES!” 

Here are a few great photos from after the proposal (so many kisses!) 

Ben & Leslie in front of the fountain in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ben & Leslie kissing in front of the fountain.
Ben & Leslie kissing in the Main hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kisses in the Main Hall
Kisses in front of the Met fountain
The happy couple in front of the Met fountain.

Think your partner would go gaga for a bit of romance in the Museum? Are you planning on proposing and want to do it somewhere extraordinary? We offer private tours, perfect for proposals or date nights.

You can reach us by email at [email protected] or give us a ring at 1-800-210-9676


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