Being Social: What Museums Need to Understand for the Future

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We wanted to share with you these amazing ideas from the article: “The Business of Being Social: What Museums Need to Understand for the Future” published by Museum iD Magazine. We love how it gets right to the point: the landscape attracting museum audiences is changing.

We have summarized the major ideas, and added a bit of color to make it really easy to digest. Download the PDF swipe file, or see images below.

Being Social title slide

Being Social - Most adults are not interested in looking contemplatively at art. They want to be active, loud, and visibly engaged

Being Social - The new for museums will be a constant sense of exploration in gaming, social media, and communications

Being Social - Visitor interests are now customized, personal and social. Audiences want them represented

Being Social - Audiences now consider themselves experts

Being Social - Museums have adopted the same mission - to transform once-hushed spaces into vibrant cultural centers

Being Social - The museum has become a venue for adult themed activities, drinking, and live music performances

Being Social - Audiences wanted to interact with exhibitions. Not just look at them.

Being Social - Visitors interact with the museum online before they even walk in the door

Being Social - The online movement no longer counts as a controversial topic for museum professionals

Being Social - Museums need to experiment with exhibitions, programs, and online activities

Being Social - Museums require new thinking...towards audiences, collections, experience, and the basic role of the institution

Being Social credits

The original article, “The Business of Being Social: What Museums Need to Understand for the Future” was written by Adam Reed Rozan, Director of Audience Engagement at the Worcester Art Museum. It was published by Museum iD, follow them on Twitter.

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