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Beacon Wealth Management corporate Tour Oct 14, 230pm

We recently got a fantastic review from Beacon Wealth Management, they came on a corporate event with Museum Hack, and had great time. We loved being able to surprise them-they had no idea that museums could be so much fun!

“When signing up for a guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you think that it is going to be some boring people giving you boring facts about the art displayed. However, the moment we met our tour guides, we knew that was not going to be the case.“
-Christina L., Administrator for Beacon Wealth Management

Beacon Wealth Management corporate tour group

We love this quote from the planner of this event with BWM, the fact that they were talking about the event long after it was finished means we’ve done it right! Team building doesn’t need to be boring, in fact, the more fun the better. 

They took us around the museum, knowing exactly where to go, and told us the dirty little secrets behind the most interesting pieces. All of us were simply blown away by the secret surprise. After the tour, we could not stop talking about the wonderful time we had in the museum, and the funny pictures we got to take. Thank you Museum Hack, especially the guides, for such an unforgettable experience!”
-Christina L., Administrator for Beacon Wealth Management

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