5 Awesome Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party in a Museum

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Bachelorette Parties November 12, 2020 5 Awesome Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party in a Museum

Millennial women are re-inventing the bachelorette party. Convention and tradition are tossed out the window, as the modern bride thinks about what she really wants. So, nix the strippers and the questionably shaped party favors. Break the no-boys-allowed rule. Go for a mashup of classic and contemporary. Take your bachelorette party to whatever level you want. Enjoy the magic of endless options.

If you’re an art lover or fan of a juicy story, the museum may just be the perfect setting for your bachelorette party. Think Night at The Museum meets Sex and the City: Juicy historical gossip (that will put even Regina George’s rumor to shame), real facts combined with lots of humor, and a magical adventure you definitely won’t forget.

Here are our top five reasons to have your bachelorette party at a museum!

Ancient Marble Booty


Who doesn’t love a good marble booty, especially of the Greek or Roman variety? Museums are full of statues that are perfect for ogling with your girlfriends. Just because you ditch the strippers doesn’t mean you have to veto nudity all together! From a 6,000 year old big booty princess to a very rare sex scene, the giggles, laughs, and fun to be had are endless when it comes to ancient butts. Bonus: Who has the best butt in the museum? You’ll be the judge.

Gossip Fit for a Queen Bee


Looking for the most salacious, raunchiest, and sexiest stories around? Nora Roberts has got nothing on the history books. Museums have secrets hidden within those glass cases and gold frames that are just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, you just have to dig to get the really juicy stuff. From gutsy goddesses to historical drinking games, there’s gossip galore. You won’t be disappointed.

No Stress Here


Did we mention you don’t have to do any planning (well, other than your outfit!)? Stress + bachelorette party is a big no-no. Let someone else take the reins. Relax and kick obligation out the door. You’ll enjoy yourself more when you’re not worrying about a timetable. When your party is pre-planned and under control, it makes the fun-potential soar.

There Will Be Wine


Art and wine are a delicious combination. A museum cafe presents the perfect opportunity for pre-gaming and to wet your whistle mid-adventure. There will also be drinking stories. So, if wine pit stops aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay. Get a historical hangover from epic tales of drinking and debauchery.

Memorable, in a good way.  


There won’t be any blurry or cringey moments here. Just awesome memories of time spent with your BFFs and family. Don’t forget, a night at the museum can be customized to your interests. Prefer Renaissance to Contemporary? Have a favorite piece in the museum?  It’s all about you and what you want to experience. Plus, you get to take some super cool Polaroids, which are awesome keepsakes for both you and your guests!

Are you planning a unique bachelorette party? Do you think the museum is a PERFECT venue for fabulous classy fun? Give us a call at 1-800-210-9676 or contact us here. We can help you put together a amazing bachelorette experience. Bachelorette party tours are also customizable, so if you want to combine your tour with another tour we give, we’d love to help!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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