Hacking Thursday’s Late Night Event at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

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Museum Hack is taking over this Thursday Night at the Asian Art Museum!  This is a public after hours event, starting at 5pm, all tickets to the museum are only $5 per person.

Harry and Evan, our two most knowledgeable guides on Asian Art,  will be in the gallery hacking some of their favorite objects in the collection.  They’ll be doing all kinds of fun games and activities to keep you entertained and going strong.

Facts about the Asian Art Gallery:

  • One of the largest museums in the western world devoted exclusively to Asian art and culture.
  • Until 2003, the museum shared a space with the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.
  • The collection of 18,000 works of art spans over 6,000 of history.
  • The galleries include art from South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, China, Korea and Japan. 

This Thursday, Sept.4th only. You can find more information about the event here.


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