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We’re so excited to announce the promotion of Angel Speagle to Accounting Coordinator! Angel will take on the responsibility of Museum Hack’s first real accounting position. As our former Team Lead for Customer Service, Angel worked heavily on our invoicing systems and is now the perfect person to take on the company’s new Accounting Coordinator role.


“Angel has brought such an incredible accounting strength to the team, this newly added position has been designed specifically for her! Like her favorite animal, Angel brings the magical, fierce energy of a unicorn to each project and conversation. I’m continually amazed to see how much love and dedication she shared within the team and her strength overcoming any obstacle. Angel, I’m excited to work more closely with you and see all that you’ll make happen!” – Tasia Duske, Staff Manager

Angel’s new position will involve accounts receivable, completing payments, recording checks and credit card transactions, reconciling invoices, and administrating contracts with museums and partner organizations.

Angel was originally hired more than a year ago for a Customer Service role. She is a fantastic mom to her son and a fantastic dog mom to her miniature poodle, Jinxie! Angel lives in North Carolina, where she enjoys escaping to the mountains, museums, and live music. We can’t wait to watch Angel take on her new role within the company!

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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