4 Times Teamwork Saved the American Revolution

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When we talk about the American Revolution, we like to talk about the personalities that made the “world turn upside down.” We talk about George Washington’s amazing leadership, Thomas Jefferson’s clever pen, Ben Franklin’s wisdom and humor. We talk about the Founding Fathers as a group, but they’re often appreciated as individuals, not a team.

Yet it’s teamwork that really won the American Revolution. Without any one of those incredible individuals, the world as we know it would be incredibly different. Despite their vast differences, the Founding Fathers relied on teamwork to bring about a new world.

In honor of Fourth of July, we’re taking a look at four times teamwork saved the American Revolution.

When you’re reading about how our Founding Fathers used teamwork, consider your own team. Do people in your office work together well? Do they each bring their own strengths to the table? Do they help each other out when times are tough?

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written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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