Alum Update: Fantastic, Unbelievable, and Definitely Not-Ordinary!

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Earlier this year we got to work with one of the most unique sites we’ve encountered: Roosevelt Campobello International Park – that’s right, international, as in run by both the US and Canada!

Historic homes and park sites have different sets of challenges from most museums, but what works really well is intense storytelling training and creating engaging tours of the space. We sent Ethan and Hannah up to New Brunswick, Canada to help to Campobello team learn our way of creating engaging tours, and further training their staff.

Hannah and Ethan at Roosevelt’s Summer Cabin

Our workshop provided training to staff to help start the process of updating tours on the site, and planning what that rollout would look like practically to slowly update interpretive methods overall. Ethan and Hannah also helped to plant the seeds for a new tour using our method to try out ASAP.

The Results? A Whole Lot of FUN.

“The Museum Hack training has helped to foster a new sense of fun and pride in interpretation here at the park.” – Will Kernohan, Manager of Interpretation

The Campobello team created the FUN Tour – fun, as in Fantastic, Unbelievable, and definitely Not-Ordinary!

It quickly became a hybrid tour to work with the demographic to introduce them to the new fast-paced, interactive, participatory, and – well – fun interpretation.

The guides created an unconventional one-hour adventure; where visitors feel like VIPs, getting behind-the-scenes access to scandalous secrets, backstories, and the hidden nooks and crannies of the Campobello site.

“We have completed 71 tours to 1144 people. It’s rocking and changing the staff!”

Manager of Interpretation, Will Kernohan, is taking our training and tour methods and fully updating the interpretation strategy overall. Some tour scripts from the sites haven’t been updated since the 1990s, and if the success of the FUN tour is any indication, audiences are ready for a new take on the historic site.

Want help updating your interpretation? Our Audience Development team is here to help!

written with 💖 by Julia Kennedy

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