Allidura’s Team Building Adventure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

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Museum Hack is a team building company. We know that the most productive and successful teams need a break from the cubicle for some leg stretching and a change of pace in order to stay connected and productive.

What’s one of the best ways to do that?  A team building museum adventure!

Recently, Allidura approached us about producing a customized museum adventure for their team.  Allidura helps health brands create powerful connections with consumers and health influencers — so they know that communication and trust are important in all aspects of their business. They wanted to step outside the office and give their team an unforgettable trust and communication-building experience.

Allidura in front of the Temple of Dendur

We whisked their team on a two-hour adventure to discover the hidden, inspiring, and amazing places in NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We led their group on fun team building activities like our Down to Party Challenge; Buy, Steal or Burn; and Matchmaker Matchmaker.  We also snuck into the Eastern side of the Musical Instruments Wing, where they were serenaded by a special guest musician!

Throughout the tour, their group worked together to find hidden stories within the Met, take creative polaroids, and bond as a team in a fun, subtle way.  Check out photos of their awesome museum adventure below.

Allidura is all hands in for museums!

Allidura team building discussion
Team building challenges foster communication…
Allidura creatively recreates Washington's crossing of the Delaware
…and creativity!
Allidura team surprised by guest musicians demonstrating Indian music.
Engage employees with unique surprises.

They loved it!  It was an engaging corporate event that brought the whole team together.

“Yesterday’s tour/team building was amazing. The Allidura team loved it and the pictures are great reminders of the awesome experience. Kevin, Anna, Priya and Steve were amazing and took great care of us.”  

-Rose Anna K. of Allidura

Allidura logo

We love hosting team building events to foster communication, empathy, and trust. To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us to [email protected].


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