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Congratulations to Alexis Tylor who has accepted a full-time position with Museum Hack! Alexis will work as our Sales Support Representative, providing support to the entire sales team. 

Alexis Tylor, Sales Support Representative

Alexis joined Museum Hack almost two years ago as a Customer Service representative, where she quickly discovered her knack for selling museum tours. After transitioning to a more sales-based role, Alexis lit the sales team on fire with a record number of private sales. Alexis’ sales prowess was so impressive, we knew she was the perfect fit to help train other client advisors. 

“Since starting, I’ve worked Customer Service (VIP team forever!), helped private and corporate sales and assisted both Mark and Heather with growing our amazing sales team. Recently I was given the opportunity to transition into a role that allows me to focus on my strengths – training, organization and supporting our amazing sales team. When the offer was made for me to do that full time, it was a no-brainer! Not only was I going to be able to settle into a position that plays to my strengths – but I’d finally have the ‘stability’ of being a full-time employee – something that speaks to my inner control-freak.” — Alexis Tylor

We asked our CEO, Nick Gray, to share one of his favorite memories of working with Alexis. 

“I remember exactly the moment that I first met Alexis in real life. We were celebrating reaching $1m in annual sales for the first time ever on the roof of The Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. Alexis flew in all the way from her home state of Washington to join us. She showed up to the party fresh off the plane with a Tupperware full of homemade cookies, which is EXACTLY what we all needed three drinks deep around 9pm on a Friday night. It was awesome.” – Nick Gray, CEO

Alexis with several team members visiting us in Times Square.

Alexis has helped Museum Hack in a variety of duties, including managing a huge Sales Tracker spreadsheet for all of our sales. There were dozens of sheets and thousands of data points. That sheet has since been retired, but we still try to give her interesting challenges.

“My day-to-day is never set, which is something I love. I provide support to our growing sales team – answering questions, helping with pricing and coming up with crazy ideas that will help solve our clients’ problems. I’m also currently working on centralizing and updating all of our information resources to create an easy, one-stop-shop of resources the sales team can use on the fly. I also help with onboarding new Client Advisors, keeping our software platforms updated, monitoring data trackers, and helping to keep Heather (our Sales Manager) sane.” – Alexis

Alexis with the team on a beach in Mexico.

“I can speak with confidence in saying that our Sales team sincerely appreciates Alexis and wouldn’t be able to operate without her.” – Nick 

We asked Alexis to share her three favorite Museum Hack moments so far: 

  • The first time I met the entire crew in NYC. I’d been flying all day and had some serious jet-lag. After a quick nap I found myself on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker hotel, drinking Champagne, laughing and hugging this group of people that were well on their way to becoming a second family to me.
  • Second favorite moment were when the photos and reviews came in for a proposal tour I sold (one of my first). This one was full of emotion for me because there’d been several challenges, including setting it up so that the bride’s father (who was dealing with severe health issues) could be there to celebrate with her. I’m not going to lie – I got teary-eyed reading the account and looking through the photos. Proposals will always be some of my favorite tours.
  • This moment was very, very recent and involved flying to NYC again and finally getting to meet my sales team in person. The team has gone through several iterations since I started back in August of 2015 and I feel like the current team is one of the best yet. We talk on a daily basis via Slack – talking through projects, answering questions and telling funny stories about our daily lives – but we’ve never all met in person. Getting to hang out with the team, go on some tours and improve our sales-game was amazing and one of the best experiences yet.
Alexis on tour at the AMNH.

We’re so happy to have you, Alexis!


written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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