Engaging Aga Khan: A Case Study

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Museum Resources November 19, 2019 Engaging Aga Khan: A Case Study

In Toronto, Canada, you’ll find the Aga Khan Museum―a must see if you’re looking for amazing artifacts from the Islamic world.

Here, you’ll find everything from metalwork to manuscripts from the Muslim community, both past and present. As our San Francisco tour guide Kate tells us:

“They have performances, instruments you can play, special audio stops and a friggin’ YURT they brought in from Mongolia.”

Our team was so excited to get a call that Aga Khan wanted to work with us to develop some new engagement techniques, break out of the norm, and excite their staff!

The team at Aga Khan wanted to shake up their mindset and test out some new engagement techniques. They were open to experimenting with bringing new ideas into every facet of the museum: from the museum floor itself with tours and programs to one-of-a-kind events and out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Our job was to help them think strategically about engagement to ensure they reach different audiences.

With the Aga Khan team excited and ready to innovate, we taught them our signature storytelling method to give them an easy format to create and build new engagement ideas in other departments beyond tours.

And the staff really seemed to enjoy seeing their own collection in a new way.

The majority of the objects on display at Aga Khan were ceramics, which can be tricky to interpret and bring to life. But once our team heard some of the stories behind the objects, we quickly realized how incredible they are.

Aga Khan’s collection focuses on the cultural and civilizational aspects of Muslim history, rather than just the religious. We encouraged their team to allow these unique stories to shine through so visitors can create their own meaningful connections with the collection.

Our storytelling method also emphasizes personal connections, using specific language that allows staff to talk about their own thoughts, perspectives, and ideas in a structured, safe way.

Some seriously cool stuff in the Aga Khan collection!

Because our engagement methods include personal stories, our workshops also tend to double as great team-building for staff members who are new or might not get to spend that much time together. Starting off with a shared experience and language from the workshop helps teams work more efficiently moving forward.

The staff got to show off some of their favorite things in the museum.

Does your staff need a shared storytelling language? Reach out to our museum consulting team!

written with 💖 by Julia Kennedy

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