Adaptive Leadership in the Museum

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We were inspired by the article “Adaptive Leadership in Museums” published by iD Magazine. But we have a short attention span, and we love the way adding visuals can facilitate ideas. 

So, we’ve visualized and summarized this article. See the images below.

Adaptive Leadership in Museums

Adaptive Leadership - Museums are operating in a highly challenging environment - economically, politically and socially

Adaptive Leadership - The business as usual approach isn't enough

Adaptive Leadership - Leaders need to respond to challenges by taking risks with new business models and methodsAdaptive Leadership - Museum leaders need to support and create a new climate for new ideas

Adaptive Leadership - Playing it safe will not lead to new ways of working or generating income

Adaptive Leadership - Leaders need to uncover the hidden talents and qualities of their people

Adaptive Leadership - Leaders need to develop and encourage new ways of thinking

Adaptive Leadership - Changing behaviors and acquiring new skills will help museums adapt

Adaptive Leadership - They have to be honest, courageous and prepared to engage in measured risk-taking

Adaptive Leadership - If a leader is open and adaptive themselves, then people will follow

Adaptive Leadership - Adaptive leaders need to take charge of themselves, then their team, and then the task in hand

Adaptive Leadership - They need to be able to take the pulse of their museum

Adaptive Leadership - Leaders need to be asking questions


The original article, “Adaptive Leadership in Museums” was written by Robert Thorpe and Lucy Shaw. It was published by Museum iD, follow them on Twitter.

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