8 TEDx Talks on Museums to Inspire Change and Spur Creativity

Carly Syms - VIP + Marketing Manager


It’s no secret that we love museum TEDx Talks. The passionate people and the stories behind them inspire and educate. So, whether you are looking to inspire change and spur creativity at your museum or in your staff, TEDx Talks are a perfect resource. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite TEDx Talks on museums from the past year (some hit the internet just months ago)! These stories focus on everything from breaking tradition to seeing the past as present.

Watch these awesome talks to uncover new and interesting ways to leverage your collections and put your museum at the forefront of change. You’ll find the links for all of the videos at the end of the article.











Links to The TEDx Talks

  1. Museum as activator, museum as activist, museum as agitator, Pedro Gadanho for TEDxViennaSalon
  2. You are a Museum’s Most Powerful Asset, Wendy Meluch for TEDxUCDavisSalon
  3. From dig to digital – breaking the ‘rules’ of museums, Scott Hocknull for TEDxQUT
  4. Reconsidering the Art Museum in the 21st Century, Dana Kletchka for TEDxPSU
  5. Catalyzing change through museum exhibits, Margaret Hermanson for TEDxMSU
  6. How you can activate the soft power of your museums, Ngaire Blankenberg for TEDxHamburg
  7. Seeing the Past as Present: Why Museums Matter, Colleen Leth for TEDxOxBridge
  8. How small town museums can overcome the technology gap, Jennifer Snyder for TEDxUSFSP




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