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It’s no secret that the Museum Hack crew are big fans of museum conferences.

Museum conferences are fantastic opportunities to travel across the country, visit amazing spaces, discuss the museum world, and share best practices with our colleagues from around the world.

We visited some pretty amazing conferences in 2017. Read on to learn more about where we went and what we did.

Mississippi Tourism Association

In March, Dustin Growick spoke at one of the Mississippi Tourism Association regional conferences on what we’ve done to revolutionize approaches to adult museum engagement.

Dustin shared specific ways that the Mississippi Tourism Association could apply some of our strategies to better reach and engage 21st-century audiences. The addition of an interactive presentation element — our game “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” — was a great way to get people involved and let them taste a bit of our engagement style.

During this conference panel, Julia discussed best practices for using Instagram.

Museums Association of New York (MANY)

Zak Martellucci and Julia Kennedy traveled to Saratoga in April for the MANY Conference, where Julia spoke on a session and Zak delivered a keynote presentation. Zak discussed our audience engagement techniques (including the games, activities, and challenges we use on our tours) and our strategy for tour development, while Julia’s social media discussion gave an inside look at our Instagram best practices.

Ethan Angelica leading a workshop at The Grace Museum at TAM 2017.

Texas Association of Museums (TAM)

Nick Gray and Ethan Angelica attended the TAM conference this year, where we were asked to lead a keynote for an association meeting and run workshops for attendees to help drum up excitement. Our team also helped brainstorm new ideas and gave practical tips for engaging millennial audiences.

Canadian Museums Association

In April, Dustin Growick traveled to Canada for the Canadian Museums Association Conference, where he led a panel on 21st-century strategies for audience engagement. Dustin spoke on our “reverently irreverent” approach and our focus on passion-based storytelling to fit in with the conference’s theme of “game changers”.

Arts Museum Marketing Association (AMMA) & American Alliance of Museums (AMA)

Peter Vega, Dustin Growick, Ethan Angelica, Julia Kennedy, and Nick Gray attended AMMA & AAM this year, where Nick did a brief speaking presentation at AMMA and Museum Hack showcased our first ever AAM booth! Julia also participated by tweeting away as an AAM Social Media Journalist. While Nick and Julia were killing it, Ethan also led an awesome session about side hustles and alternative paths into the museum field.

Dustin Growick Keynote Presentation at ALHFAM Annual Conference | Image from Juilee Decker, attendee

Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums

Dustin also presented a keynote at ALHFAM in Rochester, where he spoke on some of the tools and methods we use in facilitating our own museum tours and led a Q&A session. Dustin made the keynote interactive by incorporating a “Tableau Vivant” element, which is always a crowd-pleaser!

Washington Museums Association

In June, Ethan attended the WAMA conference at the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center, where he spiced things up with a presentation and several mini-workshops in addition to the regular conference offerings.

Association of Academic Museums and Galleries

Dustin shared some of Museum Hack’s best practices in an engaging, energetic presentation at AAMG, then facilitated a Q&A session. Tableaux vivants for days!

Museum Hack’s Ethan Angelica with Sarah Dumas (Oklahoma History Center) at the Oklahoma Museums Association Conference

Oklahoma Museums Association

In September, Ethan traveled to Oklahoma for the Oklahoma Museums Association conference, where he presented a keynote and mini-workshop. Check out an interview our team did with the Oklahoma History Center’s Director of Education, Sarah Dumas (pictured) above!

Missouri Association of Museums and Archives

Peter attended the MAMA conference in October and provided a pre-conference mini-workshop, where he discussed our storytelling approach, tips for engagement, and examples of our favorite engaging games and activities.

Did your favorite museum conference make the list? What conferences should we attend in 2018? Comment or email us and let us know!

written with 💖 by Sam Warnke

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