10 Tweets About Working in a Museum

Julia Kennedy

Julia Kennedy
Marketing & Aud Dev Associate

Museums are awesome to visit, but what does it look like behind the scenes?

For one, there’s always that one visitor that needs to be reminded of the rules.

Sometimes you can get paranoid about writing the perfect label.

And you always want to slip something in there to see if they’re paying attention. What do you mean this is the wrong kind of Beetle?

You can’t have all the good stuff out on display.

That being said, even with objects you really DON’T know what you got ‘til it’s gone…

Of course when it’s #MuseumSelfieDay but you work in the archives.

Or when you’re too busy dealing with “Other Duties As Assigned”.

There are just some things you can’t explain to non-museum workers.

Or other unique finds around the office.

Finally! You get stoked about having money to do a big project, but then realize you have to pull off a big project.

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